Monday, March 14, 2011

Elementary, My Dear Teacher

Mrs. Weiss & me, Mesa AZ 3/6/11
At the stamp show in Mesa, AZ I met someone from my Kindergarten teacher Sandy Weiss! I had my oldest son take a picture to share with you.

It was so great to see her after all these years, it brought back a lot of memories (The Letter People, Patch the Pony, show & tell, and ice cream socials to name a few).

She was a wonderful teacher, and helped to foster a love of learning that I still have today. I thought it was kind of neat that we met up again after so many years, and at a stamp convention at that!

I was glad that she stopped by our booth and we started talking, otherwise we wouldn't have even known that we knew each other! She happened to notice on our sign that we are from Fowlerville, MI and mentioned that she taught in Brighton for 30 years, and then retired to Arizona with her husband.

We chatted for a few minutes before I asked her what grades she taught (K-3) and which school district (Howell). Then I told her that I attended elementary at a small school (Birkenstock)...and we realized that she had been my first teacher - what a small world, and a nice surprise!


Dawnll said...

Oh how unusual and exciting.
I bet you both had a great visit.

Sandy Fredrick said...

Wow!! that does show you that it really is a small world. I remember her too, she was an awesome person. We were young parents experiencing our first child (Stacey) going to school and she made us feel so comfortable and welcome in her class. I'm so glad you were able to connect.

Bonnie Brown said...

Wow!! What a special time!

Linda said...

Beautiful picute stacey and great story. You sure have a beautiful smile!!!!!!